Join Henry to Fix L.A. County

Join Henry to
Fix L.A. County

L.A. County’s Board of Supervisors’ job is to respond to crises first – from homelessness, health care and hate, to COVID, crime, and climate disasters.

For the last six years, it has been my honor to try and help you through these crises from Sacramento. But on so many fronts, government is failing you on the ground. And it’s going to take brave solutions to fix it.



Everyone in L.A. has the right to live safely in the community. But our streets are not safe. For the tens of thousands of people living (and dying) on them. And for us, their neighbors, who want immediate and lasting solutions.  

Senator Stern recently audited L.A. County’s homelessness and mental health system, uncovering ~$1 billion in bottlenecked taxpayer funds and a vicious cycle of hospitalization and incarceration for unhoused Angelenos facing mental illness and addiction.

Stern is leading efforts in Sacramento to break the impasse on homelessness with efforts to guarantee mental health and drug treatment services alongside short-term shelters and permanent supportive housing, which will dramatically increase the speed, consistency, and effectiveness of local services.Moreover, Henry is pushing legislation focused on the conversion of unused public and commercial buildings for affordable housing, and resisting limits on local control over risky developments in open space and wildfire zones.



Los Angeles has been offered a false choice: between safer streets and an anti-racist, restorative justice system. Investing in alternatives to incarceration through drug courts, social work, and street medicine should not mean that violent crime is without consequence. 

Senator Stern wrote legislation to keep guns out of the hands of convicted criminals and secure places of worship, reproductive health clinics, and other places at risk of rising extremism after mass shootings in Saugus and Thousand Oaks and numerous attacks on the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Armenian, LGBTQ, AAPI, and Latino communities.

Stern has also advanced innovative new training programs for law enforcement and mental health care for first responders – from firefighters to 911 operators – for post traumatic stress injuries, as well as new tools to end human trafficking, organized retail theft, and street racing.



We think of ourselves as environmental leaders, but L.A. is actually the fossil fuel capital of the world. We are also the most vulnerable county in the nation to climate disasters like wildfires, floods, sea level rise and extreme heat. So it’s time to put our pride aside and do the work to make this County survivable for our children, and the plants and animals who inhabited this land long before we got here.

To remedy this growing injustice, Stern is leading implementation of California’s Build Back Better plan to boost the electric vehicle industry, close Aliso Canyon, sustainably secure L.A.’s water supply, clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab, and develop an extreme heat reduction strategy for the San Fernando Valley. 

After losing his home in the 2018 Woolsey Fire, Henry led local recovery efforts and passed legislation to fund new fire prevention strategies in the Santa Monica Mountains using nature-based buffers and safety upgrades for homes and the grid.

Stern is also a major wildlife and animal advocate, leading statewide efforts to ban trophy hunting and wildlife trafficking, and construct the world’s largest wildfire corridor across the 101 freeway at Liberty Canyon, along with linked critical habitat and open space at Triangle Ranch in Agoura Hills and Hidden Creeks in Chatsworth.



Low-wage workers and small businesses are often expected to navigate the future of work on their own. L.A. County has strong enough union partnerships and sufficient creative capital to help steer our economy to prosperity that uplifts the inherent dignity of workers’ labor.

As the architect of California’s Future of Work Commission, Stern helped establish paid family leave, childcare options, wage parity for women, and transitional kindergarten for all Californians. He also developed an innovative program to offer debt-free college for a year of public service.

During the pandemic, Stern converted his small but mighty District Office into a full-time casework operation, fielding more than 10,000 calls to assist constituents in need, including renters, working parents, small businesses, unemployed workers, isolated seniors, developmentally disabled students, and unhoused neighbors. 

Stern’s recent achievements include expanding the California film tax credit to encourage more production jobs in L.A., new safety protections for workers in the oil and gas industry, and the largest ever investment in small business assistance in state history.



For a child in a foster youth program, a senior isolated at home, working families needing childcare, or understaffed nursing homes, putting care first can be the difference between life and death.

While caregiving for his own family during COVID, Henry helped LAUSD obtain FEMA funding to cover 100 million meals distributed, the nation’s largest-ever food assistance push.  He also helped local labs provide testing and care to low-income patients, allowing them to see a clinician and access essential medical services.

Stern passed legislation to audit for-profit nursing homes to ensure taxpayers dollars aren’t subsidizing corporate profits while shortchanging the caregivers and the lives of those they care for.

Finally, he is the co-founder of EquipLA, a unique coalition of labor partners and business organizations that obtained emergency protective equipment for thousands of frontline workers across L.A.

Meet Henry


Henry Stern represents nearly one million people in the San Fernando Valley, the Conejo Valley, the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga, and Malibu. In 2016, Stern became the first millennial elected in the history of California. He and his wife, Alexandra, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, recently became parents to Ava, the love of their lives.
777 S Figueroa Street, Suite 4050 Los Angeles, CA 90017
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