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Governor Newsom chose Senator Stern to lead the Holocaust & Genocide Education Council

● To fight the rise of recent anti-Semitism and other acts of hate, Governor Newsom announced a historic $40 million investment in the California public school system due to new evidence showing that students do not know about the Holocaust and other genocides.
● The Governor launched the Holocaust and Genocide Education Council inspired by Senator Stern’s Never Again Education Act (SB 693) and tapped him to lead the council.
● The $40 million investment and creation of the Council will leverage existing state efforts in the California Department of Education through the Initiative to End Hate and the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Children’s Justice.
● The council will also provide an assessment of the current status of genocide and Holocaust education in the state and provide recommendations on future actions to bolster those efforts.

Senator Stern helped secure $20 Million for the Wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon.

● This funding will ensure that local communities and freeways are safer, creating hundreds of union jobs with a new kind of infrastructure that reengineers the nature that was lost, and to prevent a mass extinction.
● Extinction is likely due to many compounding threats, including rodenticide, extreme climate, and developmental encroachment.
● This project will reconnect an entire ecosystem by linking the Santa Monica Mountains to the Sierra Madre Range, one of the few coastal to inland corridors remaining in Southern California.
● Henry will lead the Council, including academics, advocates, and community organizations reflecting the vast diversity of communities impacted by genocide throughout history.
● $ 20 Million grant for the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon approved by The California Wildlife Conservation Board.

The Corporate Transparency in Elder Care Act of 2021 (SB 650) is signed into law

● COVID-19 helped spotlight longstanding problems in the skilled nursing industry.
● Nursing home owners have time and again refused to invest in the workforce properly by failing to address chronic understaffing issues and the lack of adequate care.
● As the pandemic fades from the headlines, nursing home workers will not allow the needs of our aging population to be forgotten.
● Passing SB 650 is a transformational step in our long journey to improve the quality of care for our aging population in California.
● This law will require skilled nursing facilities to provide consolidated financial reports and documentation of the corporate structure to the public and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Senator Stern and Bipartisan Legislative Coalition Send $9.2B COVID Relief Plan to Governor Newsom

● Senator Henry Stern and his Senate colleagues secured $9.2 billion stimulus package in February 2021 to specifically to assist families and small businesses that were left out by the federal COVID-19 relief program.
● The astounding numbers of business owners who were left with no assistance prompted Senator Stern and his Senate Colleagues to create a California COVID-19 relief program.
● Over 88% of California small accommodation and food service businesses applied for federal assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), but only 27% received any support.
● The stimulus package included:
  ○ SB 87, which provided $2.1 billion to provide grants to small businesses and nonprofits.
  ○ SB 88, which awarded $600 stimulus checks to people who received the state’s earned income tax credit (EITC) last year and $600 to anyone who filed taxes last year and earned less than $75,000.

With Key Leadership Posts, Stern to Push Resilience Agenda to Combat Wildfires and the Broader Climate Emergency

● Senator Stern will continue to lead the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee, where the climate emergency and the present ability to avoid decades of destruction with nature- and infrastructure-based solutions can be shovel-ready and job-generating.
● As the new chair of the Joint Legislative Emergency Management Committee, Senator Stern will expand the climate focus beyond policy and investment to a crucial oversight function, including a review of emergency response governance.
● In leadership positions with these two committees, Senator Stern will make sure the gears of government are aligned not just to fight fires, and respond to climate and other emergencies, but to stop these tragedies before they start.
● With this combined jurisdiction, Senator Stern plans to focus on vulnerabilities in the current system, and identify solutions that would generate jobs now and stop the climate emergency from discriminating further against Californians who live in the most racially, economically, and environmentally disadvantaged frontline communities.

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